Remote Control System Overhauling

Shall we call it a remote control system or a manoeuvring system? Does it really matter? The fact is that this system controls your main engine. And it is essential that the Remote Control System work flawlessly.

To keep it that way, maintenance should be carried out regularly. Engines manufacturers suggest keeping the control air dry and clean and overhauling all pneumatic valves every two years.

PBM specialists are able to overhaul the complete pneumatic remote control system. All pneumatic valves are overhauled using genuine spares, tested and adjusted one by one. Once the system is reassembled, a simulation of the system is carried out to the crew’s satisfaction. On request, a sea trial can be conducted as well. Pneumatic valves are usually overhauled directly on the vessel.

Pneumatic valves can also be replaced with valves from the PBM’s stock on an exchange basis reducing considerably service time.