Long term contract

You can rely on PBM engineers for any matter regarding your engine. PBM keeps all the records of the services provided to vessels. All services performed on your engines are kept safe in the PBM’s database. If you are a frequent client, a long-term contract may be an option. PBM will then follow your maintenance schedule, provide you with advice and all necessary services to make your engines run smoothly. We can also make all preparation work for dry docking organize service engineers, order necessary spares, make service report for classification societies, reveal tips and tricks to the crew for better use of marine machinery.

Long-term contract services are offered worldwide. PBM can follow your vessels wherever they may go.

PBM can provide e-mail advice for solving urgent problems. There is no need for a service engineer to join the vessel every time.

PBM offers both a full and partial service plan. If you choose governors, PBM will accommodate governors and spares suitable for your engines in its warehouse. This ensures faster response to client needs reducing the delivery time just to the time it takes to reach the vessel.