Engines overhauling

To say that PBM service engineers can fix anything related to the engines may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not far from the truth. All PBM service engineers are professionals with extensive experience that is not limited to just one engine section. Many of them are able to tackle any problem or task related to governors, fuel rack, fuel pumps overhauling, timing adjustment, bearing replacement and inspection, deflection measurement, etc.

Overhauling of auxiliary engines at sea during navigation is also in the PBM’s portfolio.

In-situ crankshaft grinding requires special training and experience. Overhauling of the main engine remote control system requires precision, problem solving skills, special tools and experience. And PBM has a highly trained staff to meet these special needs.

When a PBM technician places the governor in its position in the engine, several checks and adjustments are made.

Service engineers can also supervise other teams performing the engine overhaul. Whether they are crew members or shipyard workers engaged in dry dock operations, the PBM supervisor will inspect all work performed and report all findings in the final report accompanied with photos, measurements and comments.

The PBM service team is on constant stand-by for instant response to appeals for assistance and is ready to fly at a moment's notice to any destination in the world.

In addition to governors and main engine pneumatic systems spares and devices, PBM continuously keeps a stock of 12 connecting rods for MAN B&W 23/30H to provide services on an exchange basis.