Crankshaft grinding in situ

When crankpins are out of measure they have to be rectified to make your engine run. To make this bad situation even worse, you have no time to dismantle the complete engine to take out the complete crankshaft for crankpins rectification. The solution is in-situ grinding - the process of crankpins rectification through engine covers that definitely saves time.

This purpose-designed technology is the key to success. The box with these special grinding tools is both lightweight enough to be carried on board a plane and powerful enough to grind and polish cracks and defects on the crankpin.

Using their professional skills, craftsman's touch and sensitive measuring instrumentation, PBM specialists achieve outstanding finish with guaranteed tolerances within the manufacturer's specifications.

PBM in-situ repair team is on constant stand-by for instant response to appeals for assistance and are ready to fly at a moment's notice to any destination in the world.

Wherever a crankshaft failure creates logistical and commercial problems, PBM provides the fully experienced and approved repair facility that gets ships back into operation, services up and running again, with expensive downtime reduced to an absolute minimum.