Inverters for wind energy

Wind is power.

Woodward is one of the leading suppliers of wind-converters used for renewable energy generation. More than 7,000 installed converters used in onshore and offshore applications attest the competence and experience of Woodward within the wind energy business. The precise and intelligent control algorithms of CONCYCL E wind-converters together with variable-speed generators create an optimized power-generation system.

CONCYCLE wind-converters actively dampen dynamic torque loads in the drive train and thus protect the gearbox. This will extend the lifetime and increase the reliability of your system. The intelligent control of your CONCYCLE wind-converter ensures compliance with all valid international grid-code requirements at the point of common coupling. The modular design of CONCYCLE frequency converters currently covers different power classes up to 6 MW.

CONCYCLE wind-converters have considerably enhanced the success of large wind turbines. The unmatched reliability and quality of CONCYCLE wind-converters result in a perfect power-generating system for variable-speed wind turbines. The high technology – made in Germany – provides the best way of integrating modern wind power plants in the supply chain of renewable energy.

The CONCYCLE wind-converter sets benchmarks in product innovation for compact and modular system design. The CONCYCLE wind-converter is successfully established in onshore and offshore wind turbines and is being constantly developed in accordance to the latest international grid-code requirements. This is verified by simulations and successful field tests in different international system variations for 50-Hz and 60-Hz grids.