Distribution MV and LV

Complete MV and LV distribution systems

Woodward designs and integrates complete MV (medium voltage) and LV (low voltage) distribution systems to the entire power station. This saves time during assembling and enables our customers to save money from the start. As all elements are perfectly fitted, quick plant start-up is never a problem.

Namely, Woodward designs, delivers, installs and commissions MV (Medium Voltage) Distribution Systems according to the specifications our customers require. We only use pre-tested systems from well-known manufacturers to ensure the highest quality energy distribution system for your power station. Woodward also designs, manufactures and supports a complete line of intelligent multifunctional protection and control relays. They are used for a wide range of power generation and distribution applications (e.g. utility, industrial, renewable and generator sets).

POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL In addition, Woodward offers the complete LV (Low Voltage) Distribution System in form 1 to form 4 to supply all consumers within the power station. The power, taken from behind the generator bus bar, is adapted to the classical low-voltage standards with the help of station transformers. For safer operations, the station transformers could be designed redundant.

A separate smaller Emergency Genset feeds the LV Distribution System for black start capabilities of the entire plant. The LV Distribution System provides the energy for both the Genset auxiliaries and for the civil part: lighting, air conditioning, sprinkler pumps and others.