Looking for power releted services?


POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL offers complete solutions for the market needs. In addition, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL is using state-of-the-art devices and technologies.

Starting with speed regulation solutions, synchronizing and load sharing devices, offering solutions for prime movers protection, energy distribution and inverters for photo voltaic and wind power plants, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can offer the complete set of devices - from power generation to power distribution. If you are using engines for energy generation, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can offer Woodward easy gen controllers.

Should they work in island, stand-by or parallel mode easygen can offer you what you need. Engine start/stop procedures, engine and generator protection, connection to DCS, additional modules, CANopen, and many other options are integrated. These controllers are all pre-configured – they don’t need any programming - they just need to be set-up with the right settings value. GCP and EGCP electronic controls are also available for gensets. If you need only synchronization, you can choose the SPM devices – analogue or digital.

For load sharing among generators you can use LSM, DSLC and MSLC devices and for generator protection a wide range of MFR protection relays is available. Specific attention is given to medium and high voltage. Woodward System line devices are dedicated to feeder protection, line, transformer and bus-bar differential protection. Professional line is dedicated to low and medium voltage with DIN-rail mountings.

Professional line offers common protective functions (mains decoupling, overcurrent protection, differential protection, etc.) having the possibility to adjust the nominal values, offering a wide range of power supplies and easy adjustment. High tech line devices offer overcurrent protection, mains decoupling, generator protection, machine protection, differential protection, etc. WI line devices are overcurrent time relays designed to fit to any circuit breaker.

They need no supply for tripping because they use energy from measured current. Since renewable energy is very important nowadays, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can offer Woodward inverters for photo voltaic and wind energy systems. CONCYCLE is a state-of-art modular frequency converter for wind power systems. CONCYCLE active FRT enhances the approved high dynamic performance and reliability of speed variable converter DFIG technology with optimized full compliance to future grid code and dynamic drive train requirements. Photo voltaic systems need power conversion.

For this purpose POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL is offering Woodward SOLO inverters, with power solutions for 100-200-250-500-1000kW. The photo voltaic system can be inserted into dedicated container - SOLO station. A wide set of accessories are offered as well. Should you need any additional information, please check the dedicated data sheets.