Governors overhauling

Power should be controlled.

Heavy machinery should be controlled. The device that has this function is the governor. Some people also call it regulator because it regulates the speed.  There are governors for many purposes: for reciprocating engines, steam turbines, gas turbines, compressors, etc.

Control is important. The machinery has to be under control all the time. In addition, the governor has to follow our commands and direct them to machinery. The governor should execute our commands safely, accurately and without delay.

To make the machinery run optimally, governors should be used in a proper way and maintained regularly.

Woodward is a world leader in governor manufacturing. Using proper and precise overhauling procedures and genuine spare parts your machinery will be controlled.

POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL is a Woodward Authorized Independent Service Facility (AISF). Therefore, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can overhaul all WOODWARD governors whether they come from the marine sector or from on shore industries like refineries.


The wide experience of POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL professionals offers the possibility to overhaul all types of governors. You can also submit a request for overhauling governors manufactured by different companies like REGULATEURS EUROPA, DIESEL KIKI- RHD, YANMAR ,ZEXEL, etc.

POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL has a wide stock of governors for exchange base purposes: WOODWARD governors like 3161, UG8/10, PGA EG, PGA, PGA 200/300, PGA 500, EUROPA governors, ZEXEL governors , DIESEL KIKI- RHD governors, and others are always available in POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL warehouse.

In order to reduce the overhaul time to minimum, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL has a large stock of spare parts for all types of governors.

Should you need service engineers for sea trial or help in replacing the governors, do not hesitate to contact us. POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can send specialists in the whole area of West Black Sea, from Odessa to Istanbul.



Overhauling of the governor is the process where from 'old/used' governor the 'good as new' governor is made.

In our fully equipped, state of the art Workshop we apply the following standard overhaul/repair procedure:

  • Upon receipt each governor gets is it own label which correspond with the purchase order number and provides details such as customer name, part and serial number, work scope and work order number.
  • The governor will be completely disassembled to a single piece. During the disassembly "always replaced parts"(standard overhaul parts) like bearings, o-rings, gaskets, etc. will be separated from the rest.
  • All parts will be washed and cleaned, paint stripped and if necessary de-rusted.
  • Defect report will be issued with list of the worn parts that should be changed with an estimate of cost for client approval.
  • All "always replaced parts"(standard overhaul parts) contained in standard repair kit (gaskets, oil seals, bearings, etc.) will be replaced obligatory.
  • After the defect report approval by the client all identified worn parts will be replaced with new genuine parts.
  • In our assembly area all cleaned part and new parts will come together and the governor will be assembled by technicians who has been trained by the governor manufacturer. All equipment and tooling used to assemble the governors is developed to meet the high standard which is required by the governor manufacturers
  • After the assembly of the governor it will be tested on functionality and adjusted according to original manufacturer test protocol for the specific governor. The test facilities(test stand) can be seen as an engine simulator and are supplied by the governor manufacturers.
  • After the test and adjustment procedure the governor will be decreased, pre-treated and paint.
  • Before packing, during final inspection the governor will be checked on possible inferiorities and completeness.
  • The governor will be packed in a special box for each different governor. The boxes and inlays are especially developed for each different governor to give it full protection during transportation.
  • The governor is now ready to ship

Workshop overhauling/repairs are covered by one year workmanship warranty when governor is mounted and used in proper way. Parts and materials used in overhauling and repairs are covered by the parts manufacturer’s factory warranty.