Engines overhauling

We make your engines run.

Having a new engine is always the best solution. Having an old engine running as a new one is a challenge. The only way to win this challenge is a regular maintenance. POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL experts can help you obtain this goal.

POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL service engineers can work on 2 and 4 stroke engines no matter who the manufacturer is. Many years of experience have helped us find solutions to reduce the overhauling time. The job is well done and the description of what is done is listed in a service report with photos and detailed information attached.

If you have problems with engine failure contact POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL. A team of experts will advise you via e-mail. If we cannot solve the issue via phone or e-mail, the expert team can be sent to the vessel in order to make your engine(s) run.

POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can handle works on fuel pumps, connecting rods, liners, pistons, turbo chargers and all other equipment.

In addition, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL is holding on stock 12 pcs of connecting rods for MAN B&W 23/30H engine. These rods are used for exchange base purpose – the cost is related to the cost for overhauling of the old connecting rods.

POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL specialists can supervise jobs on the vessel; experienced engineers can supervise and control manpower and assure that the job is performed according to manufacturer’s procedures. The supervision job is followed by detailed service reports with photos. This work done report can be used for societies classification purposes as well.