Crankshaft grinding in situ

Downtime reduced to a minimum.

Whenever a crankshaft failure creates logistical and commercial problems, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL provides the fully experienced and approved repair facility that gets ships back into operation, services up and running again, reducing the expensive downtime to a minimum.

At the core of this unique facility is the POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL "in-situ" crankpin rectification service and the remedial repairs without dismantling the shaft. The key to success of this service is the purpose designed technology - light enough to carry on a plane, powerful enough to grind and polish out cracks and defects on crankpins.

Using professional skills, craftsman's touch and sensitive measuring instrumentation, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL specialists achieve outstanding performances with guaranteed tolerances within the manufacturer's specifications.

The POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL in-situ repair teams are on constant stand-by for instant response to appeals for assistance and are ready to fly at a moment's notice to any destination in the world.