Machinery aux components

Aux equipment at a glance.

The process plants are big and complex. Many devices are used for heavy machinery control. POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL offers a complete package of auxiliary control equipment to obtain the absolute control.

For steam turbine you can choose from different hydro-mechanic governors such as TG or PG-PL. For connection electric device and hydraulic actuator on turbine, the current to pressure converter CPC II is a solution. If there is no actuator on the turbine, Woodward offers hydraulic actuator EHPC and hydraulic power servo EHPS. In the actuator position you can place electric linear actuators as EML 100 or TM 25. They can be ATEX certified as well.

ProTech devices are designated for overspeed protection. ProTech GII is a triple redundant system for demanding systems, SIL 3 certified. ProTech SX is a protection device for overspeed and can be configured also for other kind of protection, such as high temperature or high pressure. It is SIL 1 certified. For gas turbines, there is a wide choice of gas valves and gas metering devices. The auxiliary devices for power generation devices are described under Power generation section. It presents power management devices as genset controllers, protection relays, synchronizers and distribution devices. Whatever you need as aux equipment for power generation or industry applications, POPRAVAK BRODSKIH MOTORA SRL can help you choose the proper device.

Should you need additional information, check the dedicated attached product specifications.