Control devices for steam turbines

Available with ATEX certificate.

Steam turbines can be controlled 2 ways: with electronic device and with mechanical governor. There isn’t much to say about mechanical governors: they are reliable, field proven for many years, available with ATEX certificate and regular maintenance can be performed in every Woodward AISF. You can choose the electronic governor for steam turbine; they can be programmable (only hardware) or configurable (hardware and software).

The programmable controller is an empty box which has to be programmed with GAP – the Woodward program language. This way, the control is completely custom made. The Woodward Atlas and MicroNet are programmable controllers. Configurable controller is a device equipped with hardware designed to satisfy application needs and in addition has a menu driven software configuration to fit the application. The Woodward 5009, 505, 505DE, 505CC2, 2301D-ST and peak 150 are configurable devices. 2 and 3 redundant models are available for demanding applications.

This way the client has 99,99% reliability at. To these devices, actuators should be added and fit to the steam valve placed on the turbine. For more information regarding accessories for steam turbine control systems, visit Machinery aux components.