Control devices for gas turbines

All started in 1939 in Neuchâtel.

The control devices for gas turbines can be sorted into two types: programmable (only hardware) or configurable (hardware and software).

The Programmable controller is an empty box which has to be programmed with GAP – the Woodward program language. This way, the control is completely custom made. The Woodward Atlas and MicroNet are programmable controllers. The Configurable controller is a device equipped with hardware designed to satisfy application needs and in addition has a menu driven Software configuration to fit to application. Woodward GT250, GTC190, GTC100, GTC200 and 2301D-GT are configurable devices for gas turbine applications.

Gas fuel valves and other accessories should be added to the controllers in order to create complete control system on gas turbine. For more info regarding gas, metering valves and other accessories for gas turbine control systems, visit Machinery aux components.