Control devices for compressors

Dynamic models for compressor control

Compressors are part of rotating machinery industry. They have to be controlled in order to prevent possible damage due to surging. Woodward has developed complex dynamic models for compressor control. These dynamic models are used in Woodward devices in software applications.

Woodward is offering two electronic devices for compressor control: Vertex Pro and 505CC2.

Woodward 505CC2 is an electronic device built on Atlas platform and has control of steam turbine and compressor joined together. The well-known steam turbine control 505 controls the steam turbine side. Complex dynamic models control the compressor side. The compressor software can control two-stage compression. The two control software are connected together in order to give the best control response. This device has configurable control - it has a menu driven settings.

More information are available in the product specifications for the mentioned devices.