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Turbomachinery solutions.

All industries are using a large amount of energy to make them run. In addition to grid supply some industries are using steam, gas and diesel engines as additional energy source. This machinery can produce electric power or they can use directly rotating power for driving compressors or fans. One thing is certain – this is a rotating equipment and Woodward manufactures devices to control them. If you are interested in producing electric power, the section power generation and distribution has all the information you need.

If you are interested in industrial machinery without generating the electricity, this section will answer all your needs. Of course, some Woodward devices are used in both industry machinery and power generation. So what can we find in industry are steam and gas turbines, driving compressors, pumps or fans. For small steam turbines driving mechanical load the best solution is Woodward Peak 150 and 2301D-ST. Both devices are easy to install and maintain. Commission and operation can be done by hand-held programmer or via PC using Watch Windows software which can be downloaded free of charges from the Woodward website.

For bigger and more complex steam turbines Woodward offers series 505. This series is well proven and has many options, single admission/extraction, double extraction, fault tolerant, double and triple redundant, completed wired cabinet 5009 etc. All these devices are already configured. The client just needs to set the right values in the settings list. There is no need for programming. Woodward is also offering empty box, state-of-the-art hardware design for gas, steam turbines and engines control. MicroNet and Atlas are digital controllers which can be programed for controlling, high speed monitoring, surge controlling and vibration monitoring.

They can be programmed in GAP- Graphical Application Programmer – the Woodward software with function blocks designed to suite turbines and engines prime mover application needs. The Woodward 505CC2 is a digital control which gathers steam turbine with 2 stage compressor control. A solution for a complete system is available in one package. If you only need a compressor control you can use Woodward Vertex Pro. The small gas turbines can be controlled with Woodward 2301D-GT digital control. It is preconfigured and no programming is necessary. Woodward series GTC controllers are used for a wide range of gas turbines: from aero-derivative turbine to single shaft large scale turbine. In Woodward portfolio there is a wide range of gas vales. For more information please check the attached dedicated brochures.